24 November 2013

Hobbies. A.K.A Not a blog about farming.

What is a hobby, what is a job , what is a passion and what is a waste of time?

I have recently picked up a hobby I had when I was little.

I just made a call to my mum and dad to ask them if they remember at what age I built my first remote control car. My Dad said he brought it back from one of his regular overseas trips and I built it in a weekend as soon as I got it. Mum worked out that I was probably 15. It was not a simple thing to make and I remember the satisfaction I got from building something like that and the enjoyment of using it after I'd built it. I also remember constantly tinkering with it, having built it from scratch I had the ability to fix it as well.
I think even in those days I dreamed of planes and helicopters but they were well out of the price range and ability of kids like me.

Not anymore.

In the last few years RC (remote control) helicopters have gotten cheaper and cheaper and easier and easier to fly. So I have bought and crashed (one still lies in the dam) a few over the years.

A big boy toy or hobby?

Well up until recently I think they have just been toys, and like a lot of toys they got played with a lot at first and then forgotten. Lately though I think I may have actually progressed to the level of hobbyist.

Wikipedia says a hobby is,".. a regular activity that is done for pleasure, typically, during one's leisure time."  

Now maybe the reason I have never considered it a hobby before is because I had almost no leisure time before.
That's not to say I didn't have breaks from farming, as we have always considered it important to get away from the farm for some time every year and worked hard to make that happen, so as to balance our family farming lifestyle.
But leisure time within our normal routine has been very sparse over the last 13 years. Now a lot of this would be to do with raising 3 kids which I think is the hardest job I've ever had and does involve a great deal of overtime. Couple this with moving to a 50 acre property and establishing an organic farm makes the notion of leisure time, just that, a notion.

So what has changed lately. Well we have made the decision to stop trying to grow our farm business. As a I heard a fellow farmer friend say on the radio recently, there are many different ways to grow a farm other than the traditional, size, stocking rates and profit, and we are on our way to exploring what that means for us.

Now that I think I have a hobby, I've got another problem. Can I leave my hobby as just that and why do I find myself thinking of ways I can earn money from it? Aerial photography is something that has always interested me and the aerial photo I bought when we first moved here has been invaluable in all our farm planning.

So should I approach real estate agents and farmers and offer my services? Wouldn't it be good for it to at least pay for itself? Or does that risk the hobby losing its status as that? And when does it start to become a job?

Have you got a Hobby?
Has you're hobby become you're job?
Do you want me to get back to farming topics?
Top Gun was on TV the other night, is that not one of the all time great movies?

Farmer Bren.


My Bearded Pigeon said...

I use to have a hobby that became a business and them it sucked all the time I originally had for hobbies. So I think keep it as a hobby, the odd aerial photograph for a real estate agent is a great idea.

Asparagus Pea said...

I used to be in the film industry - that was fun and incredibly hard work (running round the world making documentaries). Now I am a gardener (hobby turned profession). Everything becomes slightly job shaped in the end - but in my opinion you're lucky if you can make a living doing something that doesn't make you want to gauge your eyes out with a spoon. You can only do what you think is right at the time - then change your mind down the road if it doesn't work out. I'll shut up now... x

Anonymous said...

I find if I can sell 'some' items from my hobby, enough to pay for the materials so I can make/do what I want to do I feel like I got away with a free hobby. I'm not doing it for the job, not even to pay for the hobby, but it is nice when it does cover the cost. Helen

Ceased said...

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